The Club


Rebelle Athletics, Inc. (Rebelle) was established in April, 2011, by Kelly Dantas-McFarlane, Dee Rey, and Mandi Tate. We wanted to create a club for young men and women in the North Dade area. Rebelle offers specialized training with a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, who are committed to improving athletic play and skills for all youth.  

Rebelle Athletics is a non-profit organization specializing in youth sports programs in South Florida. This organization was created to develop and nurture the skills of young men and women who are dedicated to improving their skills for themselves and their school teams.

Rebelle Athletics has a passion for developing inner city young men and women who are not able to afford the full expense of participating in travel teams by creating Urban Rebelle. It is an outreach program to communities in North Miami, Miami Gardens, and other surrounding communities. Urban Rebelle will help develop middle and high school athletic programs by providing clinics and camps to their athletes.