About Us


Rebelle Athletics Volleyball provides young women and young men, ages 12-18, an opportunity for expert individual and team coaching.  This opportunity allows those who are motivated and able to compete on a level with the best club teams in Florida and in the United States.  Rebelle Athletics encourages the student-athlete and promotes the development of healthy athletic competitors.            

Rebelle Athletics Volleyball Program goals include:

  1. To prepare Middle School participants to be fundamentally sound and knowledgeable about the game.
  2. To prepare High School participants for their high school seasons and to play in college. 

Ultimately our goal is for our high school seniors who want to continue to play in college to have the school options for financial assistance through a volleyball scholarship.

The Club Culture:

We insist on the highest coaching quality. Our coaches are IMPACT certified and members of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball (USAV) and other coaching accredited associations. Most of our coaches are former players and in many cases have competed on the collegiate level. Our coaches coach for the love of the game and to see the improvement of the players as individuals and as a team.

Rebelle Athletics sets forth goals for all coaches to follow in order for all teams to move in a positive direction. The Club Coaching goals are:

  1. Develop skilled volleyball players in preparation for the next level of volleyball.
  2. Develop self-confident volleyball players, who are not afraid to try new skills ormistakes, because they know their coach has faith in their ability to succeed.
  3. Develop players that will respect each other, like each other and have fun together.
  4. Develop players who understand that winning is not the only goal, but improving eachmember is the key to ultimate success.
  1. Develop a stronger passion for volleyball and Rebelle Athletics within all players.

The Mission:

Rebelle Athletics is dedicated to providing developmental and participatory athletic sports programs beginning at the youth development level.  Rebelle offers a progression of sports activities for persons of all ages, races and creeds.   We strive to enhance the physical, mental and moral development of amateur athletes at all levels.  Rebelle Athletics promotes good sportsmanship, good active citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle.